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  • In AutoCAD, the symbols and information you add to drawings are referred to as blocks. A block is a group of items that have been brought together to form a single named object.
  • The following are some illustrations of various blocks at various scales.

Example of landscape auto cad libraries


1) Why you should use Blocks

  • The main benefits of using blocks is their capacity to change all of their references with a single block change.
  • As an illustration, imagine that you are using blocks to build windows in a floor design and that after doing so, you decide to change the type of window. In this scenario, all references to the window block used in the drawing will immediately update if you merely modify the window block.
  • Blocks assist you in limiting the file size as well. Drawings that use replicated instances of repetitive things will be much larger than drawings that use blocks for repetitive objects.
  • Blocks are also useful for maintaining consistency in your project drawings; by using the same set of blocks, you may reduce confusion among team members. This is why many organizations prefer their own collection of reusable standard building blocks that may be used as needed.
  • Block data can also be tracked using characteristics. The characteristics are data that is connected to a block and can be exported to an excel file or a drawing table, such as the manufacturer name, part number, etc.
  • A block (Auto cad blocks) can be readily moved, copied, rotated, or scaled after it has been inserted.

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