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A water closet, also known as a WC or toilet, is a plumbing fixture used for the disposal of human waste. It typically consists of a bowl, a lid, a tank, and a mechanism for flushing the waste down a drain.

Modern toilets are typically connected to a sewer or septic system and use water to flush the waste away.

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Water closet blocks use in architecture drawing – 1

Water closet (WC) blocks, also known as toilet blocks, can be used in architectural and interior design drawings to quickly and accurately represent the location and design of toilet fixtures in a building or room.

These CAD blocks typically include detailed drawings of the toilet bowl, tank, and other components, as well as any necessary measurements and annotations. They can be found in libraries of pre-drawn symbols or can be created by the designer using CAD software.

Using WC blocks in architectural and interior design drawings can help to ensure that the toilet fixtures comply with any relevant plumbing codes and regulations.

Additionally, using CAD blocks for WCs can help to improve the efficiency of the design process by allowing designers to quickly make changes and updates to the toilet fixtures without having to redraw the entire plan.

Moreover, it can help to visualize the space and make sure that the placement of the WCs is comfortable and accessible for the users.

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