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  • A comprehensive set of drawings used in a building construction project which will include not only architect’s drawings but structural and services engineer’s drawings etc. is known as architectural working drawing.
  • Working drawings allow for clear communication between designers and clients and any professionals involved in the design process like surveyors, structural engineers, or contractors. 

1) Good for construction or working drawings

  • A drawing helpful in construction of a building
  • End result of the design and drafting process
  • A technical drawing used as a guide for the construction team

i) Need

  • Communicate technical information
  • Guide the contractor and construction team
  • For good specification writing
  • Reference for supervision
  • Actual measurements of construction process

ii) Working drawings vs Presentation drawings

Working drawings

  • For construction
  • For contractor
  • Technical drawing
  • Construction information
  • Schedules and detailed drawings

Presentation drawings

  • For presentation
  • For customer and officials
  • Artistic drawing
  • Functional and aesthetical information
  • Over all basic information drawings

2) Architectural working drawing

  • Foundation plans
  • Floor plans
  • Sections
  • Elevations
  • Roof plan
  • Site plan
  • Reflected ceiling plan
  • Typical details
  • Schedules

Other drawings

  • Electrical services layout
  • Plumbing services layout
  • Other services if required

3) How to prepare good drawings

  • Accurately drawn
  • Properly dimensioned
  • Properly represented
  • Referring building codes
  • Properly titled
  • On appropriate scale
  • Neatly arranged and understandable
  • Full of necessary information

4) Architectural Downloadable Stuff

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5) Direct Downloadable Stuff

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