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  • The kitchen is not a specialized workroom, for it has many uses.
  • It is used for preparation of meals, food preservation, storage of food and utensils, and also, in many cases, for eating, laundering, entertaining, and childcare. In it a woman uses her own labor and also makes full use of electric power, tap water, and manufactured or bottled gas; she uses refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, mixers, toasters, and garbage-disposal units, as well as various kinds of storage compartments and work surfaces.
  • Since more time and effort are frequently spent in the kitchen than in any other area of the house, careful planning is especially important.
  • This requires careful selection of appliances and storage units and convenient arrangement of the area.
  • The following are some illustrations of various blocks at various scales.

Example of kitchen detail


1) Critical dimensions

  • The “critical dimensions” for working space are illustrated in Figures.

2) Architectural Downloadable Stuff

  • A community of architects, designers, manufacturers, and students as well as a helpful kitchen detail library of excellent and distinctive DWG blocks make up



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3) Direct Downloadable Stuff

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