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  • Stairs is a set of steps which give access from floor to floor.
  • The room or enclosure of the building, in which stair is located is known as staircase.
  • Staircase provide access & communication between floors in multi-storey buildings and are a path by which fire can spread from one floor to another.
  • Therefore it must be enclosed by fire resisting walls, floors, ceilings and doors.
  • It must be designed to carry certain loads, which are similar to those used for design of the floors.
  • Stairs may be constructed of Timber, Bricks, Stone, Steel or Reinforced Cement Concrete.

Example of staircase detail


1) Technical terms

i) Step

  • It is a portion of stair which permits ascent or descent. A stair is composed of a set of steps.

ii) Tread

  • It is a upper horizontal portion of a step upon which foot is placed while ascending or descending.

iii) Riser

  • It is a vertical portion of a step providing support to the tread.

iv) Landing

  • It is level platform at the top or bottom of a flight between the floors.

v) Flight

  • This is an unbroken series of steps between landing.

vi) Rise

  • It is a vertical distance between two successive tread faces.

vii) Going

  • It is a horizontal distance between two successive riser faces.

viii) Nosing

  • It is the projecting part of the tread beyond the face of riser.

ix) Scotia

  • It is a moulding provided under the nosing to provide strength to nosing.

x) Soffit

  • it is the underside of a stair.

xi) Pitch or slope

  • It is the angle which the line of nosing of the stair makes with the horizontal.

xii) Strings or stringers

  • These are the slopping members which support the steps in a stair.

xiii) Newel post

  • Newel post is a vertical member which is placed at the ends of flight to connects the ends of strings and hand rail.

xiv) Baluster

  • It is vertical member of wood or metal, supporting the hand rail.

xv) Head room

  • It is the clear vertical distance between the tread and overload structure.

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