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A washbasin, also known as a sink, is a bowl-shaped fixture used for washing hands and other small items.

It is typically made of porcelain or ceramic, and is often installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where people need to wash their hands. Some washbasins also have a faucet, or tap, attached to them for dispensing water.

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Washbasin blocks use in architecture drawing – 1

In architecture drawings, washbasin blocks are typically represented as a symbol or block, rather than showing the detailed construction of the unit. This symbol or block is placed in the appropriate location on the floor plan or layout, indicating where the washbasin will be located in the final building. The symbol or block may include details such as the size and shape of the unit, the type of material used, and any other relevant information.

These symbols or blocks are commonly found in bathroom layout drawings, and in the plumbing and electrical drawings. They are used to communicate the location, size, and type of the washbasin unit to the contractors, plumbers, and electricians who will be installing the unit.

In summary, washbasin blocks are represented in architecture drawings as a symbol or block, in order to communicate the location and type of the unit to the contractors, plumbers, and electricians who will be installing it.

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