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Wire mesh partitions are used to divide a space into separate areas, create secure storage, or to provide a physical barrier. They are often used in warehouses, factories, and other commercial and industrial settings.

The wire mesh is typically made of steel or other metal and is held in place by posts or frames. Wire mesh partitions can be freestanding or mounted to an existing wall or structure.

They can be configured in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit the needs of the space they are being used in. Some wire mesh partitions are also equipped with doors or other openings to allow for access or ventilation.

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Wire mesh partition detail – 1

A wire mesh partition detail drawing would typically include a detailed view of the wire mesh panel, the frame or posts that hold it in place, and any hardware or other components used to assemble the partition.

The drawing would also include dimensions and other relevant information such as the material used for the wire mesh and frame, the spacing of the wire mesh, and any special features such as doors or locking mechanisms.

The drawing may also include details about the installation of the wire mesh partition, including any necessary anchors or fasteners. It is important that the detail drawing accurately and clearly communicates the design and construction of the wire mesh partition to ensure that it can be properly fabricated and installed.

Here are a few additional points that may be included in a wire mesh partition detail drawing:

  • Load-bearing capacity: The wire mesh partition may be required to support certain loads, such as the weight of items stored behind it. The detail drawing should specify the maximum load that the partition is designed to bear.
  • Finishes: The wire mesh partition may be required to have a certain finish, such as a powder coat or galvanized coating. The detail drawing should specify the required finish.
  • Security features: The wire mesh partition may need to provide a certain level of security, such as resistance to tampering or cutting. The detail drawing should specify any security features that are required.
  • Fire resistance: In some cases, the wire mesh partition may need to have a certain level of fire resistance. The detail drawing should specify any fire resistance requirements.
  • Maintenance: The wire mesh partition may require regular maintenance, such as cleaning or lubrication. The detail drawing should specify any maintenance requirements or recommendations.

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