The window sill is a horizontal ledge at the bottom of a window opening. It sheds water away from the window and protects against moisture. It can be made of various materials and comes in different profiles and designs.

The width, depth, and finish of the sill depend on functional and aesthetic considerations. It should integrate well with the building’s architecture and surroundings.

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Window sill/cill detail drawing – 1

A typical window cill detail drawing in architecture would include:

  1. Overall dimensions: The drawing would indicate the width, height, and depth of the window cill.
  2. Profile: The profile of the window sill would be shown, indicating the shape and contour of the edge. It could be a simple flat profile, a sloped profile for water runoff, or a more ornamental design depending on the architectural style.
  3. Material: The drawing would specify the material to be used for the window cill, such as stone, wood, or metal. The specific type and finish of the material may also be noted.
  4. Connection to the wall: The drawing would illustrate how the window cill connects to the surrounding wall. It may show details of anchoring methods or support brackets if necessary.
  5. Surface treatment: If there are any decorative elements or moldings on the window cill, the drawing would indicate their design and placement.
  6. Joint details: The drawing may include information about joints between the window cill and adjacent materials, such as the window frame or wall surface. This would ensure proper sealing and weatherproofing.

Please note that it is always best to consult with a professional architect or drafter to create accurate and detailed architectural drawings for specific projects.

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