A wall-hung toilet, also known as a floating toilet or a wall-mounted toilet, is a type of toilet that is mounted on the wall rather than being installed on the floor.

The connection for a wall-hung toilet typically involves attaching the toilet to a mounting bracket on the wall and connecting the plumbing to the toilet’s inlet and outlet.

This type of toilet is often used in small bathrooms or in bathrooms with limited floor space because it can save space and make the bathroom appear larger.

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Wall hung WC connection detail drawing – 1

The connection detail drawing for a wall-hung toilet in architecture would typically include information on the location of the toilet on the wall, the type of mounting hardware and brackets used to secure the toilet to the wall, and the location and type of plumbing connections for the toilet’s water supply and waste drainage.

The drawing may also include information on the materials used for the toilet and any surrounding finishes, such as tile or drywall.

In addition to the information mentioned above, a connection detail drawing for a wall-hung toilet in architecture would also typically include the following details:

  • A clear and detailed section view of the toilet and its mounting system, including the location of the mounting brackets and any reinforcement required in the wall.
  • Dimensions and clearances for the toilet, including the distance from the floor to the rim of the toilet bowl and the distance from the wall to the centerline of the toilet.
  • Plumbing details, including the location of the water supply and waste lines, the type of valves and fittings required, and any necessary venting.
  • Information on the type of flush mechanism and any electrical connections required for the toilet.
  • Material specifications for the toilet, mounting system, and any surrounding finishes.

It’s important to note that the connection detail drawing will vary depending on the building codes, local regulations, and the specific requirements of the project. Consultation with a qualified architect and plumber is highly recommended to ensure the drawing is accurate and compliant.

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