Stiffener are used if height of block wall exceeds 3.5m. reinforced concrete stiffener columns 200mm X 200mm reinforced with 4 nos 10 or12 mm dia and 8mm stirrups 200mm or 250mm c/c link shall be provided in block work with spacing not exceeding 5.0m the stiffener column shall be provided at the corners & ends of the block work. Reinforcement of column should be anchored in the beam or slab.

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Stiffener column detail drawings – 1

Stiffeners columns are structural components used to provide additional support and reinforcement to columns or other vertical members in a structure.

A stiffeners column detail drawing typically includes the following information:

  • Dimensions and Geometry: The drawing will indicate the overall dimensions and shape of the stiffener column. It may include the height, width, thickness, and any other relevant dimensions.
  • Material Specifications: The type of material to be used for the stiffener column will be specified. This could be steel, concrete, or any other suitable material based on the structural requirements.
  • Connection Details: The drawing will provide information on how the stiffener column is connected to the existing column or structure. It may include details about welding, bolting, or other connection methods.
  • Reinforcement Details: If the stiffener column includes reinforcement, such as steel bars, the drawing will provide information on their size, spacing, and placement. It may also include information on the type of reinforcement, such as rebar or structural steel sections.
  • Welding Details: If welding is used for connecting the stiffener column, the drawing will include specific details regarding the welding procedure, weld size, and any other relevant welding information.
  • Additional Notes and Specifications: The drawing may include additional notes or specifications provided by the designer or engineer. These could include load capacities, design codes or standards, surface finish requirements, or any other specific instructions.

It’s important to note that stiffeners column detail drawings are usually created by professional structural engineers or drafters with expertise in structural detailing.

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