A roof drain is a plumbing component in the roof of a building that is used to remove water from the roof surface.

It is typically a circular or rectangular opening in the roof that is connected to a drain pipe, which carries water away from the building to a drainage system.

Roof drains are typically located near the low point of the roof and are designed to prevent water from pooling on the roof surface, which can cause leaks and damage to the building.

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Roof drains detail drawing – 1

A roof drains detail drawing is a technical illustration that shows the specific design and installation details of a roof drain system. The drawing will typically include a detailed layout of the roof drain location, the size and type of drain, the type of roofing material, the size and type of drain pipe and the method of connecting the drain to the drainage system.

The drawing will also include information on the slope of the roof and the minimum slope required for proper drainage. Other important details such as the type of flashing and sealant used, the location of the roof drain in relation to the gutter and downspouts, and the location of any access covers or cleanouts will also be included.

Additionally, a roof drains detail drawing may also include information on the type of roof membrane and the method of attaching the drain to the membrane. It may also include details on the type of overflow or emergency drain that is being used, and the location of any scuppers or other openings in the roof that are used to control water flow.

The drawing may also include notes and specifications regarding materials, tolerances, and any other relevant information. It’s important to note that the detail drawing should be prepared by a licensed professional or a certified roofing contractor with knowledge of the local building codes and regulations.

The drawing should be reviewed and approved by a structural engineer or architect before any construction or installation begins.

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