A DG Set, or diesel generator set, is a mechanical device that converts diesel fuel into electrical energy. It is made up of several components, including:

  • Diesel engine: This is the main component that converts the chemical energy of diesel fuel into mechanical energy.
  • Alternator: This component converts the mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy.
  • Control panel: This component manages and monitors the operation of the DG set, including starting and stopping the engine and controlling the output voltage and frequency.
  • Fuel system: This component supplies diesel fuel to the engine, and may include a fuel tank, fuel pump, and fuel filters.
  • Cooling system: This component keeps the engine cool, and may include a radiator, coolant pump, and thermostat.
  • Exhaust system: This component removes the waste products of combustion from the engine, and may include an exhaust manifold, muffler, and tailpipe.
  • Lubrication system: This component lubricates the moving parts of the engine, and may include an oil pump, oil filter, and oil cooler.
  • Battery Charger: It is an additional component in some DGSets which used for charging the battery bank to start the DGSET in case of power cut.

Some DG sets also include additional components, such as soundproof enclosures, vibration isolation pads, and automatic transfer switches, to reduce noise and vibration and to enable the use of the DG set as a standby power source.

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Platform detail for DG sets detail drawing – 1

A detailed drawing for a DG Set, or diesel generator set, would typically include a number of different views and sections that show the various components of the DG set, as well as their relationships to one another.

This might include:

  • Isometric views: These are 3D representations of the DG set that show the overall layout and relationships between the various components.
  • Sectional views: These are 2D drawings that show cross-sections of the DG set, revealing the internal details of the various components.
  • Exploded views: These are 2D drawings that show the DG set broken down into its individual parts and subassemblies.
  • Wiring diagrams: these are the Diagrams that shows the wiring of the control panel which help in connecting all the components of the DGSET.
  • Dimensions, tolerances and material specification for the DGSET and its components

The drawing will also include detailed annotations and notes that explain the function of each component, as well as the materials, dimensions, and tolerances used in the construction of the DG set. The drawing can also include information on maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of the DG set, as well as the necessary health and safety precautions to be taken while working with the DGSET.

It’s common to use CAD software for the creation of detailed drawings for DG Sets, which can provide the ability to quickly create accurate and detailed drawings, as well as the ability to easily update and revise the drawings as needed.

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