A manhole is an access point to a subterranean utility vault or chamber, typically found in urban areas. Manholes are used to house and protect various utility connections, such as sewer and water lines, electrical and telecommunications cables, and gas lines.

They are typically circular in shape and are constructed of reinforced concrete or other durable materials. Manholes typically have a removable cover or lid that is used to gain access to the utility connections inside.

The detail of a manhole can vary depending on the specific use and location, but generally includes a frame and cover, a riser, and a base or invert.

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Manholes detail drawing – 1

A manholes detail drawing is a technical illustration that shows the specific design and construction details of a manhole. It typically includes information such as the size and shape of the manhole, the materials used in construction, the location of the various utility connections, and any special features or requirements.

The manholes detail drawing will also include the dimensions of the manhole and the thickness of the walls and covers, as well as the location of the riser and the invert. It will also indicate the type of frame and cover that is to be used, and any special fittings or connections that are required.

Additionally, the drawing will include information about the manhole’s location and the surrounding area, such as the elevation of the manhole in relation to the surrounding ground, and the location of other underground utilities in the area.

A manholes detail drawing is an important tool for construction professionals, as it provides clear and specific information about the construction of the manhole, and helps ensure that the manhole is built to the correct specifications.

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