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A hood in a kitchen is typically a ventilation system that is installed above the stove or cooktop to remove smoke, steam, and cooking odors from the kitchen.

It is also known as a range hood, kitchen hood, or exhaust hood. The hood is typically connected to a duct system that vents the air outside the home, but some newer models may also filter and recirculate the air back into the kitchen.

The hood is typically turned on when cooking to remove smoke and steam and turned off when cooking is finished. Some hoods come with lights, which can be useful when cooking.

There are several types of hoods that can be installed in a kitchen, including:

  1. Wall-mounted hoods: These are the most common type of hoods and are mounted on the wall above the stove or cooktop. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and can be vented to the outside or recirculate the air.
  2. Island hoods: These hoods are installed above a stove or cooktop that is located on an island in the kitchen. They are similar to wall-mounted hoods but are suspended from the ceiling instead of being mounted on the wall.
  3. Downdraft hoods: These hoods are installed on the cooktop itself and pull smoke and steam down through a vent in the cooktop. They are less common than other types of hoods but can be a good option for kitchens with limited space above the cooktop.
  4. Remote hoods: These hoods are installed in a separate location from the cooktop, such as in the attic or crawl space, and use a fan to pull smoke and steam through ducts to the hood. They can be a good option for kitchens with high ceilings or other design challenges.

Image of hood (2.5Feet)


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