In plumbing, haunching refers to the process of creating a slope or incline in a drain pipe to help ensure proper drainage. This is typically done by building up the pipe with a material such as concrete or mortar, so that the center of the pipe is higher than the edges. This creates a slight incline that allows water and other liquids to flow freely through the pipe, preventing blockages and backups.

Haunching is also used to create an angle for the pipe to change direction or to connect to another pipe. This helps to prevent water from getting trapped and slowing down the drainage process. It also helps to prevent leaks by ensuring that the pipes are properly aligned and sealed.

Haunching is an important step in the installation of drainage systems, and it is typically done by a trained plumber.

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Haunching detail drawing – 1

In plumbing, a detail drawing is a technical drawing that provides specific information about a particular aspect of the plumbing system, such as the installation of a pipe or a fitting.

A haunching detail drawing in plumbing would show how the pipe is installed with the necessary slope or incline, and how it is connected to other pipes or fittings. The drawing would include details such as the type of pipe, the size and shape of the haunch, the materials used, and the measurements for the slope and incline.

This type of detail drawing is important for the proper installation of the plumbing system. It helps plumbers and other construction professionals to understand how the pipes should be installed and connected in order to ensure proper drainage and prevent leaks. The detail drawing also serves as a reference for future maintenance or repairs.

It is important to note that haunching detail drawings should be created by a professional and licensed plumber or engineer and should comply with the local building codes and regulations.

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