In architecture, a guard room and meter room are typically two separate but related spaces that are located near the main entrance of a building. The guard room is a secure space that is manned by a security guard and is used to control access to the building. The meter room is a separate space that houses the building’s utility meters and electrical equipment. Both spaces are designed to be functional, secure, and accessible only to authorized personnel.

The guard room typically includes a desk or counter where the security guard can monitor the building’s security systems and monitor the comings and goings of visitors. It also includes a small living area where the guard can take breaks. It is important that the room is well-lit and well-ventilated, and that it has an intercom system or other means of communicating with other parts of the building.

The meter room is typically designed to be functional and efficient, with easy access to the meters and equipment for maintenance and utility personnel. The room is typically well-ventilated and well-lit, and it may include electrical panels, control systems, and other equipment that is necessary to measure and control the building’s energy usage. The room should be designed to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety of the equipment and the personnel.

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Guard and meter room detail drawing – 3

A guard and meter room detail drawing is a technical drawing that shows the specific details of the guard and meter room in a building, including the layout, dimensions, and materials used. It is typically created by an architect or engineer as part of the building’s design and construction process.

The detail drawing will show the layout of the room, including the location of the security guard’s desk, the utility meters and electrical equipment, and any other relevant features such as ventilation or lighting systems. It will also show the specific materials used for the walls, floor, and ceiling, as well as any other finishes or fixtures.

The detail drawing will also include any specific security features, such as locked doors or security cameras. It may also include notes or specifications regarding the type of equipment or meters that are to be used, as well as any relevant codes or regulations that must be followed during the construction process.

It is important that the guard and meter room detail drawing is accurate, clear and precise as it will be used as a guide during the construction process. Also it is used by the contractors, building inspectors and maintenance workers to understand the design and construction of the guard and meter room, and to ensure that it is built according to the specifications and regulations.

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