A foundation detail for a load-bearing wall typically includes a footing and a stem wall. The footing is a large concrete pad that spreads the weight of the wall over a larger area, to distribute the load more evenly and prevent settling.

The stem wall is a vertical concrete wall that sits on top of the footing and supports the load of the structure above. The stem wall should be reinforced with steel rebar to increase its strength and stability. Additionally, the foundation detail should include proper drainage to prevent water infiltration and erosion.

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Foundation detail of load bearing wall detail drawing – 1

A foundation detail drawing for a load-bearing wall would typically include the following information:

  1. Overall dimensions of the foundation, including the width and length of the footing and the height of the stem wall.
  2. The type of soil and its bearing capacity, which is important for determining the size and depth of the footing.
  3. The size, spacing, and location of steel reinforcement in the footing and stem wall, including any details on how the rebar is tied or anchored.
  4. Details on the drainage system, including the location and size of any perforations in the footing, and the location and size of any drainage pipe or gravel layer.
  5. Information on the type of concrete to be used, including the compressive strength and any special mix designs or admixtures.
  6. Any details on the connection between the stem wall and the structure above, such as the size and spacing of the bond beam and the location of any anchor bolts.
  7. Any other relevant details, such as the location of any underground utilities or the presence of any hazardous materials.

It will be a detailed architectural or structural drawings with all the measurement, notes and possible cross-section details.

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