A fire hose cabinet (FHC) is a cabinet that is used to store fire hose and related equipment. It is typically made of metal and is designed to be durable and weather resistant.

Fire hose cabinets are commonly found in commercial and industrial buildings, and are used to provide access to fire hose for use in the event of a fire. They are typically located near exits and fire alarms, and may be labeled with signage indicating their contents and their location.

Some fire hose cabinets are also equipped with an automatic fire suppression system, which is activated in the event of a fire to extinguish the fire quickly.

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Fire hose cabinet (FHC) detail drawing – 1

A fire hose cabinet detail drawing is a technical drawing that provides specific information about the construction and installation of a fire hose cabinet. It typically includes dimensions, materials, and fastening details. It may also include information about the size and location of any fire hose and related equipment that is stored inside the cabinet, as well as any electrical or plumbing connections that may be required.

The drawing is usually part of the architectural drawings of a building, and the fire hose cabinet is usually installed in the basement, stairwells, or other common areas in the building where the water source is easily accessible. The drawing will include details such as the type of fire hose cabinet, the location of the cabinet, the size of the cabinet, the type of door and latching mechanism, the type of signage, the type of fire hose, the method of attaching the fire hose to the cabinet, and the method of attaching the cabinet to the building structure.

In addition to the aforementioned details, the drawing will also have information such as the Material and Finish, Mounting Details and Dimensioning, Clearances and Accessibility, Plumbing and Electrical requirements, labeling, and other relevant information, depending on the manufacturer, local code, and project requirements.

It is important to note that the details in the drawings are developed according to the codes and standards as per the building and local fire code, it is important to consult with the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) prior to installing the Fire Hose Cabinet.

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