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A cabinet with a range hood refers to a kitchen cabinet that is designed to house and conceal a range hood. A range hood, also known as a ventilation hood or extractor hood, is a device that is installed above a stove or cooktop to remove smoke, steam, and cooking odors from the kitchen.

The cabinet with a range hood can be made of various materials such as wood, metal, or laminate, and it is typically installed above the stove or cooktop to match the surrounding cabinetry. Some models also have built-in lighting and a fan to increase functionality.

Cabinets with range hoods come in a variety of styles and designs to match different kitchen decor and layouts. They can be integrated into the existing cabinetry or stand alone as a separate unit. Some cabinets with range hoods have a built-in fan and light, while others may have a separate fan and light that can be added later.

The cabinet with range hood can be used to conceal the range hood and improve the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. They can be made of a variety of materials such as wood, metal, glass, or a combination of materials. They are also available in different sizes and shapes to fit different types of range hoods and stovetops.

There are two types of range hoods, vented and non-vented. Vented range hoods are connected to a vent duct that routes the smoke, steam and cooking odors to the outside of the home. Non-vented hoods, also known as recirculating hoods, filter the air and recirculate it back into the kitchen.

Installing a cabinet with a range hood can improve the overall look of the kitchen and enhance the functionality of the range hood. It also helps to keep the kitchen free of smoke, steam, and cooking odors, which can improve indoor air quality and make cooking more pleasant.

Image of cabinet (2.5Feet) range hoods


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