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A basin mixer tap is a type of faucet that is typically used in bathrooms for sink or basin. It is a combination of hot and cold water controls in one unit and allows the user to adjust the temperature and flow of water to their desired setting.

Some basin mixer taps also include a diverter, which allows the user to switch the flow of water between the spout and a shower head or other accessory.

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Basin mixer tap blocks use in architecture drawing – 1

In architecture drawings, a basin mixer tap is typically represented as a symbol or block that is used to indicate the location and type of faucet in a bathroom or other area. The symbol or block typically includes the basic shape and details of the faucet, such as the handles for hot and cold water and the spout.

It may also include a notation indicating the specific type of faucet, such as a basin mixer tap, as well as any other relevant information such as the size and finish of the faucet. The use of symbols and blocks in architecture drawings helps to simplify and standardize the representation of building elements, making it easier for architects, engineers, and builders to understand and communicate the design.

Finally, basin mixer tap symbols and blocks in architectural drawings also help to convey important information like the material and finish of the faucet, which can help the builders to select the right one during the construction phase.

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