An aluminium door is a type of door that is made from aluminum. Aluminium is a lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant metal that is often used in the construction of doors and windows.

These doors are typically more energy-efficient than wooden doors and are also resistant to warping and cracking. Aluminum doors are also relatively low maintenance and are often used in commercial and industrial settings.

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Aluminum door detail drawing – 1

An aluminum door detail drawing is a technical illustration that shows the specific components and design details of an aluminum door. It is typically used by architects, builders, and engineers to ensure that the door is installed correctly and meets the necessary building codes and regulations.

A detail drawing of an aluminum door might include information such as the dimensions of the door, the location and size of the hinges, the type of lock or handle that is used, and any other relevant information such as weatherstripping or glazing. It may also include details about the frame, including the material and thickness, as well as information about the door’s fire rating.

It is important to note that, these drawings are typically created using specialized software like AutoCAD, which allows for accurate and precise measurements.

In addition to the information mentioned earlier, an aluminum door detail drawing might also include:

  • Cross-sections of the door and frame, showing the different layers and materials used.
  • Details of the door’s threshold and weatherstripping, including the types of seals used and how they are installed.
  • Information about the door’s finish, including the type of paint or coating used, and any special instructions for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Details of the door’s glazing, including the type of glass used, the thickness of the glass, and the method of installation.
  • Information about the door’s hardware, including the type of locks, handles, and closers used, and how they are installed.
  • Details of any fire-rated elements of the door, including the type of intumescent materials used and how they are installed.

Overall, an Aluminum door detail drawing is a detailed technical document that provides all the information necessary for the proper installation, operation and maintenance of the door. It’s important to have a proper detail drawing before starting the construction, to avoid any issues or errors during the installation process.

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