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A PSD library in the context of aerial building masking in architecture would likely refer to a collection of Photoshop (PSD) files that contain pre-made masks or selections of buildings in aerial imagery. These PSD files can be loaded into Photoshop and used as a starting point for further masking or editing.

Using a PSD library of aerial building masks can save time and effort when working on architectural projects that involve aerial imagery, as the user can quickly and easily apply pre-made masks to buildings in the image rather than having to manually create the masks from scratch.

Additionally, These PSD libraries can include different types of masks for different types of buildings, such as residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, and different levels of detail.

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Aerial building mask library used in architectural work

Using a Photoshop library of aerial building masks in the context of architectural rendering would involve loading pre-made masks of buildings into Photoshop, and then using them to mask or remove the buildings from the aerial imagery. This can be useful in architectural rendering as it allows the user to easily insert a proposed building design into the existing aerial context without having to manually mask out the existing buildings.

The user can also use these pre-made masks to add different styles or materials to the buildings in the aerial image, or to change the lighting or shadows of the buildings to match the proposed building design. Once the user has made the necessary adjustments to the aerial image, they can then use it as a background for their architectural rendering.

Additionally, these pre-made masks can also be used to create an accurate context for the architectural project and to see the impact of the new design on the existing neighborhood or area.

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